About Sippz

Sippz is everyone's favourite and chosen drink, over time its popularity has spread far beyond just the Pearls city. The company has multiple franchises and handles an entire spectrum of distributors across India. Till date Sippz Beverages Pvt. Ltd. has launched over 10 flavours and earned the distinction of being ranked as top brands in the country.

Fresh Fruits

Processed 100% fruit juice compares well to freshly fruits.

Natural Flavour

All our products, gives you the natural flavour and best taste.

Best Taste

All our flavours are produced at our state-of-the-art manufacturing to gives you best taste

Organic Colors

We use organic colours to gives you the best taste

Why Choose Us

We are the fastest growing fruit drink company in India.

Largest distribution network

Order processed at fast speed.

We are serving in the beverages industries since 2015

Fresh Fruits and Natural Drink

Added flavour (nautre - identical flavouring)

What Clients Say?

" Sippz Jeera Soda is my favorite beverage. I enjoy this drink very often with my family & friends. Thank you for such lovely products. " ..

Mr. Avinash Singh

What Clients Say?

" I just love drinking Sippzfruit juices. I have tried all the flavors and they all taste really good. It has better quality and taste than any other juice. It comes in different flavors like guava, lichi, orange, Mango and many more. Its one of the most valued brand. " ..

Mr. Raj Kumar Reddy